Silk Road Records

Sound Healing Artist Relations At Seva Studio request interaction from a wider tea community so that we can generate good to great results for our guests. Get involved!

Namasteezy Spirit World Press

NamaSeva Sounds from the tea house project brings tea and healing arts community together with music talents through our Multi-medium Healing Arts Studio which does booking, PR and Promotions.


We do this out of pocket and need a conscious community to participate in the communitication process so we can both invite general community to be part of the happenings as well as attract artists.

We have several talents who are interested in performing at the studio with overstanding about our work with teas and the need to promote teas as our energy drink of choice to both support local healing artists in the arena of yoga and herbalism as well as to protect the farmers standing up for the rain forests and organics.

Please leave a comment and join us in the various online groups to share with the artists and to support the arts!

Would you like to attend…

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