Rain Forest Rescue International

We work to protect vulnerable environments through ecosystem restoration, development of sustainable livelihoods, education, research and advocacy.
Established in 2002 by a group of environmentalists to rescue rainforest plants under threat from logging and new developments we have grown to:

– Support seven plant nurseries

– Work in over 20 communities and 15 schools across the south and east of Sri Lanka

– Restore more than 1,000 acres of land

– Plant nearly one million trees.

Why Sri Lanka?

The beautiful island of Sri Lanka is a world biodiversity hotspot, making it one of the 25 most ecologically important places on earth. Despite this diverse natural heritage, and the establishment of protected areas, Sri Lanka’s native species remain highly threatened through:

Habitat loss

About 95% of the wet zone forest has been lost due to expansion of plantations, encroachment, poaching and extraction of forest products such as timber, firewood and medicinal plants.


Use of agrochemicals pose a serious threat to the quality of ecosystem services and severely affects habitats of margin species such as amphibians.

Invasive species

Competition from invasive species with native plants with have affected native habitats from riverine to reef.

Climate change

Both native species and vulnerable communities are facing further threat from altered weather patterns caused by climate change.

Tsunami damage

The 2004 tsunami damaged coastal ecosystems by stripping land of vegetation and leaving deposits of sand, mud and debris over the land.

The high costs of environmental degradation can be seen both in vulnerable communities who rely on Sri Lanka’s natural resources for income and the number of endangered species.

What we do

To address the many ecological and social issues in Sri Lanka, our projects focus on both environmental restoration and education. Whether we are training families in organic farming, or running a school programme on forest fauna, we empower communities to manage and protect their native environment.

We believe by bringing together people and the environment, we can help build a sustainably managed world.

RRI is a non-profit organisation based in Galle, Sri Lanka.

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