Bioverde is pleased to annouce Hansa Coffee Company and coffee from the highland forest gardens of Sri Lanka!

Bioverde Coffee

We custom roast your coffee to suit your needs. To our clients we offer in-house coffee-service training, machine maintenance training, and are always available to trouble-shoot your coffee problems.


We conduct coffee workshops.


We deliver by arrangement.

Compost training

We conduct compost trainings for organic farming.

Visit our Bioverde Website and place an order today!

 Sri Lankan farmers practised sustainable agriculture for thousands of years. Their ingeneous use of water is legendary. The thousands of ancient man-made water storage tanks in the dry zones continue to be used to this day.

Sri Lankan kings knew that the water cycle was dependent on leaving the upland forests intact and cutting any forests above an elevation of 2000 feet was strictly prohibited.

From the time of western colonisation in the 1500s this ancient system began to disintegrate. It accelerated rapidly from the 1800s when the British discovered that coffee grew well and could be a money-earner for their empire.

They cut the virgin upland forests for their coffee plantations, most often burning all the trees that they felled and thus changing the climate and water availability which affects Sri Lanka to this day.

Join us in Helping the farmers!

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