Palm Syrup

Palm Syrup

Forest Garden Food Number 3

The whole foodies and pancake and crepe  lovers will makes sticky notes about this. And who said Pan cakes cannot be made in a healthy way? You should have seen the super food pancakes made at the 1000 sip tea event planning parties in Boulder Colorado. People were blown away at just how far you can go to make a healthy pancake, and the palm syrup tastings rocked the house big time. Hands raised in the air and voices OM’d chants of delight as a fully packed house some how celebrated the forest garden food with contact improv dance right in the kitchen as teakins rolled around in tribal bliss. Ingredients were passed across hands in the air and ready to eat plates were tossed into mouths before they made it across the room.

As far as the palm syrups health benefits,

Our Rainforest Palm syrup is a clean, substitute….

 New research found that 1/3 of the foods tested, that were sweetened with

high fructose corn syrup, contained traces of mercury.

You may have avoided the ingredient in the past because it’s long been said

to be bad for you, But why? Some will say it’s bad for your waistline but turns out one study says there

may be another reason.

What you had for breakfast, as a snack, or with your lunch or dinner, may

have given you more than your recommended daily dose of carbs or fat.

Without knowing you could also of had your daily dose of mercury!

55 samples were taken and it was found in seventeen of the foods.

The grocery list ranges, but researchers found it in anything from pop tarts

and chocolate drinks, to ketchup!

Are you alarmed? Local doctors say not so fast. “The study found mercury in

the foods and it assumed that it came from the high fructose corn syrup,

which they don’t really know for sure because in fact they tested a lot of

beverages that had a high level of hfcs and they didn’t have mercury. So

they are assuming, ” says Dr. Vaghan Hall

Lur Rainforest Palm syrup is a clean, substitute….

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