Bioverde is pleaased to offer Guayapi!

Supplements and food products, beverages, sweets,
teas, spices and Cosm’Ethic

 Energizing: Warana
Recreation: Gomphrena
Depurative: Baccharis, Tecoma (Lapacho)
Anti-oxidant & anti-free radicals: Urucum, Camu Camu, Acerola
Functional: Maytenus, Pfaffia
Foodstuff Sweetness: Stevia
Fortifying: Canna, Muirapuama

Guayachoc: energizing the candy.
Sap Kitul: natural plant sweetener to taste slightly caramelized.

Guayagum: chewing gum and Acerola Warana – freshness of natural lime flavor.

The Brazil nut oil: oil vitamin

Also available: Honeys and jams
Jack fruit jams and Sri Lanka * Guava, Honey Pure Amazon *, Honey * at Warana, Brazil Nut Honey * Amazon, Amazon jams (Cupuaco, Acai, Graviola, Tapereba). *
  * seasonal products

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