Vanilla Bean


Vanilla International (Pvt) Ltd.,


Kotegepitiya, Maipola, Maswella, Kotmale

Project in: Sri Lanka
We have vanilla bean in!

 We added a “HOW TO” cut vanilla bean video at bioverde homepage for you, click here.


Vanilla, an important and popular flavoring material and spice, is the
fully grown fruit of the orchid Vanilla fragrans (syn. V. planifolia)
harvested before it is fully ripe, after which it is fermented and
cured, these are usually referred to as vanilla beans. The beans and
the vanilla extract are used extensively to flavor ice-cream,
chocolate, beverages, perfumery and to a small extent medicine. The
fragrance and flavor of vanilla beans are due to numerous aromatic
compounds produced during the curing operation, among which Vanillin
is the most abundant. The flavor of vanillas from different parts of
the world varies due to climate, soil, extent of pollenization, and
most important being ripeness at harvesting and method of curing.
Vanillin can now be produced synthetically, and is much cheaper than
natural vanilla flavor. Nevertheless, the flavor of vanilla beans from
V. planifolia is far superior to that of synthetic vanillin due to the
presence of other flavor compounds in the natural product.
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